Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dorothy Must Die

Today's Book Recommendation is Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige.

What if Dorothy Gail really existed? What if she had her adventure in Oz? What if she found her way back and turned into a magic addicted tyrant? What if you were selected to defeat her?

Meet Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas. In Paige's novel we are introduced to Amy in present day Kansas. She has a pill popping depressed mother, lives in a trailer park, and no one at school seems to like her. Then when her mother leaves her alone in their trailer with a tornado warning Amy is transported to Oz. But its not the Oz that she remembers seeing in the movies. The residents of Oz are scared, the good witches aren't so good, and the wicked might not be all that wicked. Amy is thrown into a world where she has one mission, Dorothy Must Die.

I have seen a lot of adaptations and continuations of the Oz stories. I grew up reading the original books by L. Frank Baum. This is a world that is very near and dear to my heart. Paige takes an entirely new view on the world by taking the classic heroine and making her into the villain. Her new heroine Amy proves that while she might start out scared, she is willing to step up and do what has to be done. Paige paces the novel extremely well between introducing us to Amy, her arrival in Oz and coping with how magic does exist, her training, and her eventual mission at the Emerald City. There are some very adult themes hidden within the text of the novel too. Death, abandonment, corruption, greed, and vanity are all over the subtext of the novel.

The first installment of what promises to be a very interesting series Dorothy Must Die promises to be a chilling action packed adventure. With characters that you can simultaneously love, hate, trust, and distrust. A heroine that you can root for. And subtle nods to both the Judy Garland film and the original novels. This is not a book to be missed. I plan to pick up its sequel today. Stay tuned for my review on that one as well.

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