Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today's Book Recommendation is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

Underneath the streets of London there is another city. A city full of monsters, saints, murderers, and angels. It is a city of people that we see in our dreams, in our nightmares, and in our wildest imaginations.

For Richard Mayhew it is a world that he never knew existed. A world that he is thrust into through one random act of kindness. A world that is both mind boggling and eerily familiar to him. In the city of Neverwhere he will find that he has a destiny.

At the risk of giving something away I won't say too much beyond what you might find on the back of the book. Half of the fun of Gaiman's stand alone novel is not knowing the rules and the whole story. Like his other novels there are characters that you can trust and characters that you can't. Its up to readers to figure out which is which.

As a lover of London and having lived there for five months on study abroad semester I loved so much of this novel. From the references to places and underground stations that I had actually stood in. To the general english culture therein. This is my favorite Neil Gaiman novel. It is a great intro novel to his writing for new fans and a classic for those who found him years ago.

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