Friday, March 20, 2015

Ready Player One

Today's Book Recommendation is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Set in the year 2044 the novel centers on the character Wade Watts. A young man who escapes the ugly real world via an online utopia called the OASIS. Within this virtual world lies a treasure that most of the population seeks to discover. Hidden by the creator of the OASIS the hunt promises the ultimate access to the virtual utopia. But, to find this treasure players must solve a series of puzzles to determine where it is located. Things heat up for Wade when he discovers the first puzzle. Now the race is on and there are some powerful players who want the treasure for their own purposes.

If you are a fan of online gaming, old school computer games like Pac-Man, and 80's music a la Devo, then you will enjoy this novel immensely. If you like modern games like Fallout and Skyrim, which are two of my favorite games, you will probably also enjoy this read.

The novel also examines this idea of a virtual world take over. As in our world and our day to day lives being replaced and our virtual ones becoming our main lives. Wade even attends a virtual reality school where he logs in and attends classes via a virtual reality helmet. and if he isn't in school then he hangs out with his online friends in a virtual basement hangout similar to modern day chat rooms.  The author also plays with the idea of having the ability to reinvent yourself online. That if you aren't a fan of your real life persona that you can create an entirely new and sometimes better personality for yourself online. Its a novel that while entertaining makes you stop and think.

Wade quickly proves to be a very likable character who players of the real life games he comes across will appreciate the skill of and those of us who don't can just sit back and enjoy the ride on his adventure. With a cast of other gaming characters that will give everyone someone to root for, this novel will have you turning the pages with the same vigor as a button mashing game. Plus, you might want to read it soon before the movie adaption hits theaters.

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