Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reconstructing Amelia

Today's Book Recommendation is Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight.

McCreights novel begins when litigation lawyer and single mother Kate Baron is called by her daughters school. The phone call is to alert her that her daughter, a straight A student and over achiever, has been caught cheating. But, by the time Kate reaches the school she is met with the heart breaking news that her daughter is dead. A death that is pegged as a spontaneous suicide and the result of guilt over what she has done. None of this sits right with Kate and she begins an investigation into piecing the last few days of her daughters life back together in the hopes that she can figure out just what caused her daughters death.

This book can be a tearjerker at times so if you are someone who cries easily (guilty as charged here) then at the very least I recommend reading this with a box of tissues and something to act as a pick me up when you set the book aside for the night. Told from two perspectives, that of Kate post Amelia's death and Amelia's pre death, the novel is an exploration into the lives of mothers and daughters. About secrets that we keep from our parents and parts of children's lives that parents sometimes are never made part of. In this case it comes too late. The novel also tackles the subjects of bullies, how children are often pressured by outside forces to do things that they might not normally do, and about how far a mother will go to figure out the truth of her daughter.

There isn't much that I can say about this novel without giving away some of the major plot points. The joy's of mystery tales. I will say that I enjoyed this novel. I was right there with Kate wondering why her daughter would cheat and then commit suicide. Even from the beginning it just doesn't make sense. You'll be right there with Kate trying to figure out who is really telling the truth and who knows more than they are saying.

Check it out, but remember the tissues.

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