Saturday, March 28, 2015

The 100

Today's Book Recommendation is The 100 by Kass Morgan.

Set in the future, humanity has retreated from a radioactive planet to a space stations orbiting the Earth. The space stations themselves were built as a temporary respite from the toxic planet. No one seems to know when they will be able to return home. But as the population grows and resources dwindle it has come to the attention of the government that they are running out of time.

They have a solution. Send 100 juvenile delinquents to earth on a mission to recolonize. After the ship they are sent in crashes on the planet the teens are left in a world that isn't quite what they read about in their text books. They try to form a tentative community but they are haunted by their pasts and the things they have heard about each other. To survive they have to learn to work together.

This was one of those rare occasions where I actually discovered the book because of a t.v show that was based off of it. The CW has a show of the same name which I watched over the summer. I loved the show and when I reached the end of it I discovered that it was based off a novel. So, went down to the local library (you should all have a library card) and picked it up. If the show was good the book is even better. Told in chapters from different perspectives you get a real sense of the trials that one faces in a society that is dying around itself. While the majority of characters end up on earth the author does give you the perspective of someone who remains on the ship to counteract the two different overall circumstances.

You'll find that there are characters you love and some whose chapters you can't wait to get through. But, within the cast there is someone for everyone to root for. Check it out kids!

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