Sunday, April 26, 2015

Beka Cooper

Today's Sunday Series Recommendation are the Beka Cooper novels by Tamora Pierce.

Set once again in the fantasy realm of Tortall. The novels tell the story of Beka Cooper a policewoman in the capital of Corus. In book one the heroine is a rookie of the Provost's Guard, affectionately known as the "Provost's Dogs." As a rookie she is considered a Puppy and works alongside a pair of veteran Dogs. To everyone's surprise, in the first novel, she requests duty in the Lower City. It is considered a tough beat but for Beka it is comfortable. She was born there.

Paired Matts and Clary, famed among the Dogs, who are none too happy to have been set up with a puppy for the first time in years, Beka and her new mentors begin their beat in the Lower City. Little do they know that Beka brings something new to the table. Information. Whispers brought to her on the backs of a pigeons. Whispers that belong to the dead.

As the first novel continues Beka learns of a power shift in the underworld of the Lower City. Someone new is in play and they are strong arming citizens with fear into silence. But Beka's dead are impervious to fear and know that if something isn't done more whispers will be added to their number. Luckily Beka, while not impervious to fear, is a true Terrier and she won't let fear rule her.

Terrier is the title of the first novel and it is followed by Bloodhound and Mastiff. As the novels continue Beka's talents with magic become more clear and as per usual in a Tamora Pierce novel she is given a cast of animal sidekicks that help her solve the mysteries of her city. The novels are both fantasy adventure and mystery novels. With the interesting premise of a police force within a medieval inspired fantasy world.

Beka also proves to be one of Pierce's most clever heroines. She is resourceful and doesn't back down from a fight. Pierce has a knack for writing strong female characters. Alongside Kel from The Protector of the Small (check out its own blog post) Beka is one of my favorite female characters. Its a good book for middle school age girls but is also fun for us "adults". Definitely worth a read!

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