Friday, April 24, 2015

The Happiness Project

Today's Book Recommendation is The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.

Gretchen Rubin begins her year with a realization on a city bus. That she wasn't focusing enough of her energy on things that matter. Armed with this realization Rubin dedicated an entire year to finding what mattered and what she could do to cultivate happiness. She dubbed this year her Happiness Project.

Through simple changes she reinvents how she views and handles her life. From a daily list of things to be thankful for. To how she talks to her husband and her children. Rubin takes a look at what really matters in our day to day lives. Through all of her changes, some she succeeds at easily while others are a struggle, Gretchen Rubin documents her project on her blog/website which can still be viewed today. Ultimately the project sought to change her daily habits.

I read this book during my second year of graduate school. I was struggling with my thesis, a long distance relationship, and the threat of school ending. It was a rough year. On a whim I downloaded The Happiness Project on my Nook and began reading. While I couldn't relate to Rubin on some of the specifics, for instance I have no children, I could relate to the basic principles. How could I find small bits of happiness in my day to day life.

I took notes from the book. I kept my own gratitude book, wrote my goals on categorized sticky notes that I put on a window right over my bed. This made them the first thing that I saw when I woke up and the last thing that I saw when I went to bed. It also gave me some tools to make the separation from my Gentleman a little easier.

This felt like an important book to me. If you are struggling to find those little pieces of happiness in your life this might be a good teacher for you. I highly recommend it. Once you read it, if you desire to start your own year long happiness project you can check out

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