Sunday, May 17, 2015

Red Queen

This week's Book Recommendation is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

In this post apocalyptic world it isn't the color of your skin that determines your place in the world. It is the color of your blood. If you are a Red, meaning your blood is red, you live in slums or worse and live only to serve the elite Silvers, those with silver blood and special powers. The powers range from super human strength, ability to control water and other elements, mind control, and many others.

Mare Barrow is a Red and a thief. She has stolen from the Silvers and the Reds alike to help support her family. But, Mare knows her time is running out. In two weeks she will be eighteen and since she has neither an apprenticeship or a job she faces one thing. Conscription. She will be sent to the front lines that has been waging between her country and the Lakelanders for decades. Her three older brothers are already there and the possibility of seeing them is the only bright spot in an otherwise bleak future.

Until a clandestine meeting with a stranger lands her a job in the Silver Palace. Now she finds herself at the center of everything she is against. Serving the very people that have dictated her life as worthless. It is while serving the Silvers that Mare discovers that she has a special power of her own. One that no one can explain and one that makes her a threat to the rule of the Silvers.

This was a novel that I had a very hard time putting down. Aveyard writes a heroine who despite being seventeen is very self aware and not at all naive about how the world works. The book itself is very cinematic which is not surprising as Aveyard is a USC Film School graduate and the pacing is excellent. There is not a moment of the novel spent on something that one might consider boring or uneccessary. While there are several characters that fit the typical YA Fantasy Novel archetype Aveyard makes up for that by throwing in small twists and creating a world that is simultaneously Hunger Games and X-men. On top of that she doesn't shy away from realism. With a revolution on her hands the author includes the tough choices and the collateral damage that no uprising can avoid.

If you are a fan of the Hunger Games, Partials, Michael Grant, or the post apocalyptic genre I highly recommend this novel. I personally will anxiously be awaiting the sequel and there is already an IMDB page created for a potential movie or television show. Sweet!

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